october favourites


  1. Rayban Aviator,  Silver Mirror
  2. Rayban Erika, Black

I have been wanting a Rayban’s aviator for awhile now and I found the one I wanted during my trip in Italy. At the same time I stumbled upon the Erika that I was interested in as well and got it as well. Both are really simple, nothing too fancy! That makes it versatile and sometimes I struggle to pick one to go out with, so many times i end up bringing both!

Fun fact: Rayban’s are currently made in Italy.

3. Happy Plugs Earbuds, Rose Gold


These earbuds have been nothing but amazing so far. Its only flaw? It doesn’t come with a volume adjustment function but it does come with a microphone function. I would say its quality is as good as the standard Apple earpiece. One side of my Apple earpiece was damaged for the 4th(?) time. This time however was most likely because my jeans got wet in the rain when i was in Venice and it had to be one of the rare occasion when my earpiece was in my pocket.


For this month, i haven’t finished reading any books and in fact I am lacking far, far behind on my books and I’m trying to catch up. However, I will recommend an author, Mark Manson. I have been reading his articles of late and was introduced to him by someone and I totally recommend his website. He writes on personal development and has a sense of humor I find rather interesting and entertaining. He may be just a little vulgar, I know, and he admits to it, but it adds its own humor to things and his confidence in his writing is I admire and look up to.

A few articles I will recommend are:

  1. Screw Finding Your Passion
  2. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck
  3. Fuck Yes or No


  1. Angel With a Shotgun – Absolute A Capella
  2. Atlantis – Seafret
  3. Battle Scars (acoustic) – Paradise Fears
  4. Best Thing – Anthem Lights
  5. Congratulations – Day 6 (a Korean song)
  6. Daylight – 5 Seconds Of Summer
  7. Drag Me Down – One Direction
  8. Hello – Adele
  9. I’d Hate To Be You When People Find Out What This Song Is About – Mayday Parade
  10. Lay It All On Me – Rudimental ft. Ed Sheeran
  11. Locked Away – R. City ft. Adam Levine
  12. Save me – Joelle
  13. Terrified – Katharine McPhee, Jason Reeves
  14. The River – For The Foxes
  15. What Do You Mean – Justin Bieber
  16. Wild – Troye Sivan
  17. You’re Worth It – Cimorelli
  18. 10 – Elouiz

All these songs can be found on Spotify except for Congratulations by Day 6!

This is all for the month of October!! Hopefully you guys enjoy them as well and feel free to leave any feedback!!:)

don’t forget to always do something insane to stay sane, whilst staying kind and grateful.

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I like to write when I'm struck with emotions.

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