Train rides give me time to think, time to read, and also time to write. On the way from Venice to Milan, I had sufficient time to encounter a situation and it let me to think deeper about this topic.

different actions, different people, different perspectives, different meanings.

That is the thought, that is the issue. A person’s actions can lead to a completely different perspective by completely different people. More often than not, we misjudge the intentions of one through the signs and actions they portray. Signs like crying have long been drilled into our minds as a sign of sadness, making it hard to think otherwise. However, many of us at the same time don’t cry in sadness, we cry in anger, in frustration and in confusion.

I did manage to think of this one action who has yet to have a definite meaning drilled to our minds. The action of a sigh.

You see, a sigh from a person can mean anger, but it can also mean sadness. For instance, think of a strict parent. When they sigh, it could very likely mean that their child has done something undesirable. Their child has been with their parent long enough to roughly know that it is a sign that they have just angered their parent, only how badly is the question. On the other hand, to the public eye, the act of sighing from the parent is perceived usually as the parent’s frustration or sadness, not anger.

Point is, we cannot determine a person through their actions if we don’t know them well enough. Surely actions speak louder than words but how can we think that when it portrays so many different meanings to different people? Even if 95% of the generic body actions point to a certain meaning, we can’t say we know for sure.

I’m not saying we cannot say a person is sad the next time we see a crying person, of course we can. You’ll be missing the point. What I mean is we cannot determine a person’s character, their personality and their thoughts solely through their actions.

Which leads me to the next part of this thought.

Who really cares enough to know what your actions mean?

When people don’t bother, they will never really know what your actions mean. So their perspective can essentially mean how well they know you. That is when you can tell apart those who are truly there and those who are not. Actions are so powerful, they tell so much and yet it can tell so little. So I encourage you to take a little time off to get to know a person before you generalize their actions, who knows whether it will surprise you what their action really meant.

don’t forget to always do something insane to stay sane, whilst being kind and grateful.


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I like to write when I'm struck with emotions.

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