First Self-Travel: Singapore to Sydney

“Aren’t you afraid to travel and roam the streets alone in a foreign land?”

Majority of the population find the idea of self-travel scary and dangerous, but if you sit down and ponder, there isn’t much of a difference travelling alone and walking the streets alone in your home country.

Okay. Maybe there IS a difference. But you get my point. It’s dangerous anywhere, maybe the crime rates here are lower than the crime rates there, and night is longer here than blah blah, blah. Low crime doesn’t mean no crime (credits to the Singapore Police Force). You have to be conscious and careful no matter where you go, so really, what are you afraid of?

So no. I wasn’t afraid at all at the thought of travelling alone. In fact, I was overjoyed.

Maybe you have never left your country, so the entire airport security system looks overwhelming. But think of it as a pre-major-examination procedure: Bag checks, ID checks and entering the examination hall (the plane in the case of travelling).

The feeling of being alone in the departure hall was weird, yet exhilarating.

I was alone. In the departure hall. For the first time.


I’m not sure about other airports, but Changi Airport is ridiculous. Ridiculously amazing. The number of shops available in the departure hall might match up to that of a mini high-end mall. I bought a pair of white converse and a few duty free make up for my friend I’m meeting in Sydney and walked around a little more. Take in the moments alone.


Credits to Casey Neistat, I decided to take an airport shower for S$16. No it’s not cheap, but it was an experience. But of course, if you just bathed before leaving for the airport, forget this experience. I was at a barbeque and playing with my 4 year old niece so I am not boarding that plane smelly and with the possibility of not being able to shower for the next 20h (I was arriving in Sydney in the morning, so I would begin roaming straight away).


I presume if you’re a lone traveler, you’d probably be taking the budget flight, unless you’re loaded. So chances are, snacks on the plane are crazily priced, worse if they aren’t what you like. So grab a few light snacks, put them in your hand carry and bring it into the plane. If your flight’s too late in the night and nothing’s open, use the vending machines, it’s better than nothing if I’m honest. HOWEVER, be discreet on the plane. Don’t go opening potato chip and candy packets and laying it all in front of you like nobody’s watching.

You aren’t supposed to consume your own food on the plane.


I wouldn’t say it was a rookie mistake, more like my mind wasn’t functioning. I saw that the timing on my flight ticket and somehow thought that it was the latest time you should be boarding the plane.

I almost missed my flight. Jokes on me.

When I reached the boarding gate the attendant exclaimed that they had announced my name on the intercom, but guess who had her earpiece plugged in? Me.

Lesson learnt: Be 45minutes early at your boarding gate.

Needless to say, it was an amazing experience.

What are some of your airport and pre-flight tips for self-traveling?

don’t forget to always do something insane to stay sane, whilst staying kind and grateful.


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