My Top 3 Spots To Do Nothing in Sydney

Time passes so fast. Make time to be still. – Lailah Gifty Akita

I was in an Uber earlier and met one of the kindest and friendliest driver. He asked “Are you going clubbing tonight? Oh no, I mean, are you going to chill tonight?”

And it made me realize that everyone’s definition of chill is pretty different. I mean come on, “wanna Netflix and chill?”  – We all know what that means.

But these spots I’m about to talk about are some places in Sydney that you can just lay there, relax and do absolutely nothing. I am an avid, and I really mean AVID fan of laying down, chilling and doing nothing at all. Just ask my best friend how annoyed she was because of the countless times I’ve been to Bondi Beach in Sydney, just to chill and do nothing.


Well, this won’t be a shocker. On the first day that I roamed Sydney alone, my first destination was to Bondi Beach. I like to walk, so I took a bus to Bondi Junction and walked about a half hour down to Bondi Beach and met friendly people on the way. So don’t be afraid to walk to places with your GPS, who knows what great souls you might meet that will brighten up your day? Just remember to wear comfortable shoes, please.

When you reach Bondi Beach, you’d find a large grass patch facing the sea. It’s pretty hard to miss. There you will find quite a number of people laying on the grass patch just doing nothing, talking, reading, writing and just about anything considered relaxing to a person. So if you like the idea of it, Bondi Beach is the place to go.

I found myself a nice area and just lay down under the sun with my bag as a pillow and did what I do best, nothing. Trust me I had a good time.



I found this place during the last few days of my visit when I was scrolling across Facebook, one of the social media sites I don’t use until I went to Australia. Located there is one of the famous Hornby Lighthouse. It is not too far a walk from the Watsons Bay Wharf so I just used my GPS to get there, you should too. On the way there you should walk by a nude beach and on a side note, I’ve got to be honest, I wasn’t too impress with what I saw.

When you finally reach the area of the Hornby Lighthouse, you can pretty much take a spot anywhere, the grass or the floor, there shouldn’t be a lot of people there. BUT, before you do any of that, take o look below at the waters, if you’re lucky and the waves are crashing vigorously against the rocks, it will be a beautiful sight to take in.



This place is located in Manly and you can either take the public transport there or a ferry from Circular Quay. I took the ferry and saw dolphins for the first time in my life and boy, was I excited. You can choose to hike up Manly, but I rented a bicycle from Manly Bike Tours and cycled up. If you choose to cycle up, please be careful of the cars driving around, there isn’t always a bicycle lane. When I reached the top of North Head, I laid my bike on the grass patch and just sat there snacking on bread and admiring the view thinking “what a time to be alive.”

Have fun doing nothing.

don’t forget to always do something insane to stay sane, whilst staying kind and grateful.



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