Hi all! I believe its been too long since I last posted, and I apologise. School, work, tiredness and every other excuse has delayed this post farrrrr too long, and so here is the next part of the Sydney recommendations for you guys!

So, we all know that Sydney is absolutely gorgeous. The beaches, the skies, the parks and the modern architectures. But they are a pretty excellent place to find cuisines from all over the world. If you’re vegan, well Sydney is vegan HAVEN. Tons of options, not just salad. So here are my Top 3 recommended places for foodies!


This cafe goes way back and has been in business for a very long time. It’s perfectly located near the end of Bondi Beach and if you’re lucky enough to get a seat at the window ledge, you have an amazing view of the entire Bondi Beach. I walked from Bondi Junction there using a GPS, not the most popular choice, but you can always take a bus to the beach and walk a short distance to this cafe.

What exactly does it offer? Lots of amazing breakfast and brunch options, as well as a wonderful selection of desserts. They have Cocowhip, what a plus.

I was alone and couldn’t order much, but I got myself the veggie burger(vegan) and it hit the spot. The chickpea patty was by far the best I’ve ever had, and I got a “lazy summer” drink with it. The combination was perfect and I definitely recommend trying the burger.

I’ve been to the cafe 3 times throughout my trip, and I had the same burger all 3 times, you could just imagine how good it was.

On one occasion my friend came along and ordered the Soft-Shell Crab Burger. She reviewed that it was good, but she expected more crab. Maybe they ran out of crab that day, ha.

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I believe this gelato place was originally non-vegan but was progressing towards being a dairy free gelato place, and so it did! When I first set foot into the place I was shocked by the sheer quantity of dairy-free options.

They don’t just offer the typical chocolate, strawberry, vanilla or cookies and cream flavours. They have a ton of great flavour combinations for you to try from and definitely worth the trip down!!

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Located near Bondi Beach, it isn’t necessarily a café but they serve acai bowls and a wide range of smoothies and healthy treats! Many of which are vegan. To the left of the store is a mini grocery section which you can shop for your organic produce or health products while sipping on a smoothie.

I got myself an Acai Bowl, I thought it could be a little sweeter, but it was still good nevertheless. They added avocado to the blend and that produced a much smoother texture for the acai.

In terms of pricing, I would say it is the typical prices of health products, they never really come cheap, just don’t go too crazy in there!



Completely vegan and Vietnamese based, this restaurant offers a delightful range of dishes from the Asian cuisines. They offer dishes like Vietnamese Pho, Singaporean Laksa, Chinese spring rolls and stir fry “chicken” and many other “meats” flavoured with lemongrass or sweet and sour sauce!

My friend and I got the chicken stir fry with satay sauce and a tofu with vegetable stir fry with rice to share. I would give it a 9/10.

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A dessert café that opens till around 1am, I would definitely recommend this place for all those heading out for a light supper with your friends. The portions are rather big so I suggest sharing the desserts, but hey, dessert goes to the heart and not the stomach, am I right? I got myself a chocolate cake to share while my friend got chocolate pancakes and another cake (which I don’t remember its flavour, sorry).

Overall I give it a 8.5/10. The chocolate cake served with ice cream and EXTRA chocolate sauce was so too rich for me to handle that day. But if you can finish it, why not? (cheat meal, sshhh)

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don’t forget to always do something insane to stay sane, whilst staying kind and grateful.


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