Mornings in Lombok

6:30am – Morning. I awaken in my dysfunctional state. Enervation from the previous day’s labour lingered in me. I don’t smell the fresh air just yet, and I fumble to my left, desperate to shut the alarm that caused my (and my roommate’s) rude awakening.

I closed my eyes again, in dire need of a few more minutes of shut eye. My roommate, Lydia, being disciplined enough, crawls out of bed before I do to get herself ready for the morning – and the next 12hours of fulfilling labour.

Sometime later, I might still be asleep, or maybe I would have grab my cell to check for everything important I missed in my slumber. There usually is none.

Lydia comes out a couple minutes later, signalling me to get up. I hurl myself out of the bed, step on the cold morning tiles, and inched my way into the bathroom. A splash of water from the tub that was freezing from the night’s cold temperatures – enough to wake me. The freezing water advised against a morning shower.

When I was done and dressed, Lydia and I did the usual girl things – makeup. There wasn’t much to do, just a touch of concealer under my eye and eyebrows to fill for Lydia. We drowned our skin and clothes with Baby Johnson and Bath and Body Works’ fragrance before we could finally say we were ready. Oh, and Lydia would fill her bottle with water first too.

We step out of the room to the sight of the morning’s great start – breakfast. By this time (7:15am), half the group would have gathered their tired souls and are sat at the pavilion eating. Our host, Ibu (mother) Eris, never fails us for breakfast, and she makes the best pancakes.

We grab our great starts and joined everyone at the pavilion. Occasionally, Ibu Eris comes by to chat with us, showering us with nothing less than love and praise – another great start to the day.

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset
Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

8am – The van comes by and takes the part of us headed to teach the kids at the nearby secondary school.

8:15am – The van comes back, taking the rest of us for an hour’s drive to the primary school to teach the kids, and build them a small library.

These were my mornings in Lombok.


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I like to write when I'm struck with emotions.

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